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Counselling Services:

Michael provides a caring and compassionate approach to counseling that incorporates mindfulness approaches with western psychotherapeutic approaches. His psychology training is in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Michael is available for counseling services in the Torquay, Victoria area.

Mindfulness Coaching

You can book for one on one or small group coaching in mindfulness. Each coaching process is tailored to you or your group’s particular needs.

Organizational Consulting Services:

Michael has worked with many large organizations introducing mindfulness in leadership development programs, management training and as a stress reduction program.

  • Added to existing Leadership and Management programs. Mindfulness can be introduced within existing training models. This approach has been used effectively by many large organizations and allows an integration of mindfulness within the organizations established leadership model.
  • Mindfulness Coaching. One on one coaching in mindfulness can establish reflective leadership skills and is an effective methodology for developing emotional intelligence. This approach will enable individuals to more skillfully manage and lead staff, develop effective relationships, be more creative and manage stress in a more health sustaining and productive way.
  • Courses in Mindfulness. This program is an effective way to teach mindfulness skills to groups of 10 – 20. This course is based on well researched programs that illustrate wide health and social benefits. It can take a number of forms including an eight week program of eight 90 minute sessions or a two day workshop format.
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