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Michael Anderson

Michael has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 30 years commencing his interest in mindfulness in the early 1980's. His early interest was stimulated by the work of the late Dr Ainslie Meares and through the practice of Yoga. He has been teaching mindfulness in organisational and community settings since 1995. Michael has also been integrating the principles of mindfulness within his professional work as a psychologist since 1995.

Michael has been actively integrating mindfulness into a range of environments from counselling through to leadership training and executive development. In this time there have been numerous developments by professionals around the world in the integration of mindfulness and mental health which have included professional training. Michael has participated in professional training programs in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MBCT). Michael currently works in private practice along the Surfcoast in Victoria, and supervises and trains health professionals including Psychologists in mindfulness practice in therapeutic contexts.

Book - Mindfulness Meditation

Michael is the author of a book titled Mindfulness Meditation. If you would like a sneak preview of my book then 'Chapter One' is available and can be downloaded as an MSword or a PDF file. Please contact us if you would like to puchase.

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