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There is a depth to Eastern psychology that is the culmination of research through introspection by innumerable scientists. This is a psychology that has stood the test of time. Over 2500 years of challenges and rechecking of the theories presented by supporters and doubters alike. The teachings appear as relevant today as they did thousands of years ago. It seems from the testimony of so many that it is also deeply therapeutic.

Yes, mindfulness is a part of the Eastern psychology. It has been seconded into Western psychology with some vigour and more and more research is supporting the value of mindfulness in both a therapeutic and positive psychology arena. But keep in mind that there was a time meditation was introduced into psychology and was reduced to a “relaxation” technique. Are we now reducing mindfulness to a similar limited technique?

Buddhism has much to offer from its array of teachings. This workshop will not be a theoretical presentation of the teachings. It will be a practical and experiential presentation of the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. This workshop will show you how not to suffer. It will lay out a process by which you can also assist your clients to not suffer. This is the essence of these teachings. This workshop will allow you to experience why mindfulness is but a snapshot of what Buddhist psychology has to offer you personally and professionally.

Beyond Mindfulness Workshop: Further information can be found on the Workshops page.

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